pcb manufacturing service

FPCB Capability

FPC Manufacturing Capabilities

GREATPCB are capable of meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers, from fabricating a single FPC to a small quantity of prototypes, to a high-volume production requirement by using all types of materials and modern technologies. We are capable of manufacturing single, double-sided, and multi-layer Flexible PCB to the customer’s specifications.


Flexible circuit Specifications

  • Maximum Number of Layers: 1-8
  • Maximum Panel size: 250mm x 500mm
  • Copper Thickness: 0.5 oz to 2oz
  • Minimum Line Width: 0.05mm
  • Minimum Line spacing: 0.05mm
  • Smallest Hole: 0.1mm
  • Blind, Buried and plugged Vias
  • Controlled impedance


  • Thickness: 0.075mm to 0.4mm
  • Polyimide
  • FR4
  • PET
  • Dupont

Solder Mask -coverlay

  • Yellow, Black, Green,

Surface Finish

  • Hard and Soft Gold
  • Immersion Gold
  • Immersion Silver
  • Immersion Tin
  • OSP


  • PI stiffener
  • FR4 stiffener
  • Sub stiffener

Inspection Techniques

  • 100% Visual inspection
  • Electrical testing – Flying probe or Testing fixture
  • Sample lot inspection
  • Cross sectioning

Turn time

  • Rush: 24 Hours
  • Standard Prototype: 4 days
  • Standard Production: 9 days