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Apart from being one of the top and highly trusted PCB manufacturers operating from China, Great PCB offers superior, reliable and speedy SMT assembly services so you need not look elsewhere for your sub-assembly process. From PCB design to SMT assembly, we handle it all and deliver 100% defect free sub-assembly PCBs in record time.
Great PCB, with its range of high speed automated equipment, guarantees 3 million points per day in SMT assembly capability. That we have design, manufacture, R&D and test facility all in-house makes for a seamless and flawless delivery model. You gain further confidence in us from knowing more about our SMT assembly capabilities. These are:

  • Single and double sided SMT PCB with PTH
  • Large and small parts on both sides with BGA capable of smallest size at 0201 and 0.2mm BGA pitch
  • High speed, precision assembly by machines with wave soldering
  • Odd form components hand assembled and manually soldered
  • Finish in electrolytic, electroless and immersion gold and tin
  • Any shape in sizes up to 14.5 inch x 19.5 inch with cutouts and punched windows
  • Rework facility for SMT and BGA


You may simply request for SMT PCBs but you will find that it adds to your productivity, reduces cost and speeds up manufacturing when you assign SMT assembly to us in addition to SMT PCB fabrication. You get the highest quality standard at the best cost with assurance of flawless performance and zero defects.

If you are looking for SMT assembly, SMT Assembly Services, Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly, Surface Mount Technology and Surface Mount SMT PCB Assembly Service, please contact Greatpcb professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer.

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