What is Heavy Copper PCB?

The average PCB is made from 1 ounce to 3 ounces of copper thick.Thick copper PCB is a PCB made of more than 3 ounces of copper on all layers (inner and outer layers) of the circuit board.Because the thicker coating in the through-hole circuit and the appropriate substrate are combined with the weight of the copper. Thick copper conductors can greatly increase the thickness of the whole PCB.

Advantages of Heavy Copper PCB?
  • Good thermal performance: it can withstand repeated thermal cycles during manufacturing and assembly.
  • Higher current carrying capacity: with strong conductivity, can handle higher current load.
  • Onboard high power density plane transformer.
  • High mechanical strength: enhance the mechanical strength of the connector and the plating hole, and the structural integrity of the circuit board is guaranteed.
  • Good heat dissipation coefficient: thick copper plating hole can make the high current through the PCB, is conducive to the heat transfer to the external radiator.
  • Good conductor: The thick copper PCB is a good conductor and is therefore very useful in the production of electronic products. They help to connect the various circuit boards together to transmit the electric current.

Why use Heavy Copper PCB?

The PCB uses wider wire walks to carry higher current levels. Increased power demand required thicker copper to transmit the signal across the plate.


characteristic describe
material FR-4 standard Tg 140 C, and FR 4 high Tg 170 C
Minimum track / spacing

For external layers:

4 oz copper 9 ml / 9 mil, 5 oz copper 11 mil / 11 mil

6 oz copper 13 mil / 13 mil, 12 oz copper 20 mil / 32 mil

For internal layers:

4 oz copper 8 ml / 12 mil, 5 oz copper 10 mil / 14 mil

6 oz copper 12 mil l / 16 mil, 12 oz copper 20 mil / 32 mil

minimum-value aperture 10 Million
Maximum outer copper weight (finished product) 15 Oz
Maximum inner layer copper weight 12 Oz
slab thickness And 0.6-6 mm
Build time 5-7 Days
delivery time 2-3 Days