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What is a Double Side PCB

Double-sided printed circuit boards have double-sided wiring,having the top and bottom floors. All surface treatments can be achieved, all types and colors of weld resistance layers, including matte and gloss. Double-sided printed circuit boards are mounted with conductive copper and components on both sides of the printed circuit boards so that the wires can cross each other. It results in higher density of circuit boards without point-to-point welding, making double-sided printed circuit boards is difficult, complex, and better using double-sided than single-sided printed circuit boards.

The Versatility of Double-Sided PCBs

Double-sided printed circuit boards are one of the most popular PCB types because they enable manufacturers to make more complex circuits, which benefit higher-tech applications and electronic products. Double-sided printed circuit boards can be used in a variety of applications and electronic products, such as: LED lighting systems, vending machines,amplifiers, automotive dashboards, industrial controls, telephone systems.

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