PTFE PCB is a special type of printed circuit board (PTFE) substrate material made of high-performance PTFE instead of the standard FR 4 laminate.

FR 4 versus PFE

material FR4 PTF
temperature range The highest of 110°C above-192°C to 260°C
dielectric constant 3.8 – 4.8 2.1 – 2.6
dielectric strength 150-200 volts 300-500 volts
water absorption 0.1% 0.03-0.1%
 chemical resistance Relief is damaged by certain solvents / acids Excellent resistance to almost all chemicals
conductivity for heat 0.3-0.6 watts / m / g 0.440 0.95 watts / m / g

The application of the PTFE PCB

PTFE circuit boards are ideal for use in demanding industrial, aerospace, medical, and military environments