What Is Rodio Frequency PCB ?

RF PCB is a printed circuit board dedicated to the design and manufacture of radio frequency circuits.Rf circuit board refers to the high frequency signal circuit used in the fields of wireless communication, radar, satellite communication, radio and broadcasting. The RF circuit is characterized by high working frequency, fast signal transmission speed, and strict requirements for circuit layout and design.Great PCB is excellent rf pcb


Key RF board fabrication and assembly guidelines

  • Maintain excellent impedance tolerance of ±5% or better
  • Use industry standard IPC laminate test vehicles for validation
  • Implement controlled environment conditions – temperature, humidity
  • Confirm surface roughness, copper thickness, dielectric values
  • Utilize impedance controlled bondply innerlayer materials
  • Employ sequential lamination process
  • Implement rigorous quality inspectionprocedures
  • Verify plating quality – surface, hole wall, via filling
  • Use automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Perform electrical testing like time domain reflectometry
  • Include fixture and jig design for repeatable assembly
  • Execute thermal profiling for solderingprocesses