What is the quick turn PCB boards?

What is the quick turn pcb boards

Quick turn pcb boards delivery times will due to their complexity, delivery requirements, and quantity.Fast turn prototype pcb board can often be delivered very quickly, and the manufacturing process has been accelerated to meet customer deadlines. But as the variable range expands, the delivery time becomes longer.

For simple double-side structures, costs can be kept to a minimum and delivered in a very short time. As the demand increases, the manufacturing and production time will increase accordingly.We offer fast turn prototype pcb board in 2 days or less!GreatPCB Engineers provide PCB manufacturing services for more than 15 years, while also providing high-quality PCB prototypes with innovative designs, first-class materials and equipment. GreatPCB is a professional prototype PCB manufacturer and our staff have decades of experience in its field while still researching new technologies and methods to improve the quality and turnaround time of our prototypes. We guarantee speed without sacrificing quality. From simple prototypes to complete production runs, we finish the work on time and finish 100% on time.

Key features of the fast-wheel PCB prototype

  • production rate quickly
  • High flexibility
  • High return on investment
  • Suitable for small batch production
  • Reduce production changes and avoid manufacturing delays
  • Production time is shortened

Quick Turn Pcb Assembly Capability

Layers PCB Order Quantity ( ㎡) Normal time(Days) Extra Urgent (Hours)
2 Layers <1 ㎡ 5 Days 48 Hours
1-5 ㎡ 7 Days
>5 ㎡ 8 Days
4 Layers <1 ㎡ 5 Days 48 Hours
1-5 ㎡ 7 Days
>5 ㎡ 12 Days
6 Layers / 8 Layers <1 ㎡ 7 Days 72 Hours
1-5 ㎡ 9 Days
>5 ㎡ 12 Days
10 Layers <1 ㎡ 10 Days 96 Hours
1-5 ㎡ 10 Days
>5 ㎡ 15 Days
10 or more Layers <1 ㎡ 10 Days 96 Hours
1-5 ㎡ 10 Days
>5 ㎡ 15 Days
Greatpcb boasts a fully established production line with rigorous inspection protocols. Even under urgent circumstances, quality remains uncompromised. Our manufacturing processes remain steadfast, leveraging increased production capacity to ensure timely delivery.