What is the BGA assembly?

The BGA assembly is the installation of the ball grid array to the PCB using a reflow welding process. They are surface mount elements for electrical interconnect using solded ball arrays. When the board passes through the return furnace, the balls melt and establish interconnections.

What are the advantages of the BGA assembly?

  • Improve the electrical and thermal performance, while effectively utilizing the space.
  • Reduce the overall thickness of the circuit board.
  • Reduced the possibility of PCB damage and reduced maintenance and repair time.
  • Suitable for multi-pin micro package.
  • Provide an improved weld ability to speed up the assembly process,
  • Low thermal resistance, fast heat dissipation.

Our BGA capacity

Great PCB handle all types of BGA, including miniature BGA assembly, fine-spaced BGA assembly, and inverted chip BGA assembly, to meet your prototype needs.

Great PCB Assess your BGA requirements, including size, thermal distribution, material requirements, and component applications, and customize them to your specifications. Once the package and welding is in place, it is difficult to find the welding fault. Great PCB Use the Nordson Dage Quadra 53-axis X-ray machine to check the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and the BGA to ensure correct placement. Your turnkey PCB components and ball grid array placement will be completed quickly and correctly.