Flex PCB Capacity

Flex PCB manufacturer for both quick turn prototypes and production quantities.

Great PCB is excellent flexible circuit board manufacturers.With reliable, honest, timely completion of the customer’s order demand, won a good reputation.Great PCB support the use of flexible circuits in harsh working conditions, providing materials with waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-resistant,  thermostability and corrosion-resistant characteristics.

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Item Description
Layer Flex board: 1-12Layers
Flex-Rigid Board: 2-18Layers
Material PI, PET, PEN, FR-4,dupont
Final Thickness Flex board: 0.002″ – 0.1″ (0.05-2.5mm)
Flex-rigid board: 0.0024″ – 0.16″ (0.06-4.0mm)
Surface Treatment Lead-free: ENG Gold; OSP, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin
Max / Min Board Size Min: 0.2″x0.3″  Max: 20.5″x13″
Min Trace
Width / Min Clearance
Inner: 0.5oz: 4/4mil  Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4/4mil
1oz: 5/5mil               1oz: 5/5mil
2oz: 5/7mil               2oz: 5/7mil
Min Hole Ring Inner: 0.5oz: 4mil     Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4mil
1oz: 5mil                  1oz: 5mil
2oz: 7mil                  2oz: 7mil
Copper Thickness 1/3oz – 2oz
Max / Min Insulation Thickness 2mil/0.5mil (50um/12.7um)
Min Hole Size and Tolerance Min hole: 8mil
Tolerance: PTH±3mil, NPTH±2mil
Min Slot 24mil x 35mil (0.6×0.9mm)
Solder Mask Alignment Tolerance ±3mil
Silkscreen Alignment Tolerance ±6mil
Silkscreen Line Width 5mil
Gold Plating Nickel: 100u” – 200u” Gold: 1u”-4u”
Immersion Nickel / Gold Nickel: 100u” – 200u” Gold: 1u”-5u”
Immersion Silver Silver: 6u” – 12u”
OSP Film: 8u” – 20u”
Test Voltage Testing Fixture: 50-300V
Profile Tolerance of Punch Accurate mould: ±2mil
Ordinary mould: ±4mil
Knife mould: ±8mil
Hand-Cut: ±15mil

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