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Our Company Profile

Great PCB is going great guns in the low and mid volume electronic contract manufacturing outsourced services sector. We serve electronic manufacturing units, military, government, medical instrumentation and other sectors with our total turnkey PCB and PCB assembly services.


Our location gives us the best advantage to serve electronic manufacturing industries worldwide. GreatPCB has one of the most modern and well equipped factories in Shenzen, a technology hub in China. We enjoy the advantage of being close to shipping services in the port area. We enjoy the facility of access to a large and qualified workforce working for reasonable wages with commitment. We have the benefit of government incentives and facilities that promote manufacturing such as power and roads and support.


People are our main strength. We have a workforce of 500 committed and loyal people who do everything to deliver excellent products and great service to delight our most valued customers. We have top engineers and technicians for design, development, manufacturing and testing.



Great PCB prides itself on its factory. It is comparable or even better than any similar European or American PCB manufacturing unit. Our range of equipments is complete as are our electronics manufacturing services:


  • Design stations to design PCBs of any complexity
  • PCB cutting and sizing equipments
  • SMT machines
  • Wet HAL lead-free hot air reflow machines for soldering
  • IC and component testing and sub-assembly test machines


You can, in effect, shift your entire PCB manufacturing and population as well as test of sub-assemblies to GreatPCB and simply focus on final assembly and sales. Save great money and earn great profits as well as reputations worldwide. We are the best OEM electronics manufacturer you can trust for turnkey solutions in electronics manufacturing.


Total turnkey solutions

Great PCB welcomes small and large electronic manufacturing units. We are happy to handle pilot batches and small quantity lots and we take pleasure in bulk deliveries across a range of products and services. We offer total turnkey services, modular and well structured to align with your business model.


  • PCB fabrication
    From simple to complex, rigid to flexible, we design and manufacture virtually any profile PCB fabrication, you need in single to multilayer with zero defects.
  • PCB population and sub-assembly
    In these days of high competition you can cut costs without cutting down quality by entrusting entire OEM manufacturing to us. We have the capabilities for SMT PCB sub-assembly production. We have automatic pick and place equipments, hot air reflow solder, minute checks for solder quality to prevent instances of dry solders, testing of subassemblies and quality certification. Quality and performance are guaranteed because we also handle component sourcing, obtaining our requirements in bulk from genuine OEM manufacturer at factory prices. Our quality processes are to international standards and we have ISO certifications.
  • You benefit all the way and at each step. We care. We are capable. We deliver.



You will find people at Great PCB not only knowledgeable in technical matters but great at interpersonal relationships. We are helpful, attentive and supportive with a proactive approach to help you win in competitive markets. As for our rates you will find them most affordable.

If you are looking for OEM manufacturer, please contact us for any kind of help.

Let us join hands and enter into a great partnership for a great future.