Heavy copper PCB of application in electronic manufacturing

Heavy copper PCB of application in electronic manufacturing

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, Printed Circuit Board types are diverse,  the heavy copper PCB assembly and soldering services are becoming increasingly widely used. This paper will discuss heavy copper printing circuit boards and their extensive application in electronic PCB development. We offer prototype PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly design. Welcome to consult with our engineers.

1、Power electronics application

Heavy copper PCB plays a crucial role in the power electronics field. In the power amplifier, inverter, rectifier, and other high-power equipment, the use of heavy copper printed circuit board can effectively improve the heat dissipation performance and ensure the stable operation of the equipment under high load. Because of its excellent heat dissipation characteristics, heavy copper PCB boards are widely used in various industrial power supply, UPS, and transformers. The copper PCB circuit can not only provide a good heat dissipation effect, but also increase the current carrying capacity, reduce resistance and loss, and improve the performance and reliability of the equipment. Therefore, heavy copper printed board has become one of the indispensable key materials in the power electronics industry.

2、Automotive electronics

With the rapid development of automotive electronic technology, heavy copper circuits also show a strong application potential in the field of automotive electronics. In electric vehicles, intelligent driving, onboard entertainment systems, and other fields, The heavy copper board can provide a stable and reliable electrical connection to meet the needs of high-power and high-frequency electronic equipment. In addition, automotive electronic equipment often needs to work in harsh working conditions, such as high temperature, high humidity, vibration, and other conditions. The high strength, high reliability, and stable performance of heavy copper circuit boards make them ideal in the automotive electronics industry.

3、Communication equipment application

In the field of communication equipment, such as base stations, satellite communication, wireless networks, and other equipment, heavy copper PCB board also plays a key role. Because communication equipment needs to carry high power and high-frequency signals, the low resistance, high thermal conductivity, and stability of heavy copper circuits can make it highly popular in this field. Heavy copper PCB can not only improve the stability and speed of signal transmission but also reduce the size of the circuit board and improve the integration and performance of equipment. Therefore, communication equipment manufacturers are increasingly inclined to adopt heavy copper PCBs to meet the demand for high-power and high-frequency equipment.

4、Aerospace applications

In the aerospace field, the requirements for electronic equipment are more stringent, and the application of heavy copper PCB is also more prominent. Aerospace equipment needs to be lightweight, highly reliable, and high-temperature resistant, and heavy copper-printed circuit boards can meet these requirements. The heavy copper board can withstand high temperature, high pressure, and strong vibration in aerospace equipment, to ensure the normal work of electronic equipment.


The heavy copper board is widely used in power electronics, automotive electronics, communication equipment, and aerospace fields. Its excellent heat dissipation performance, high current carrying capacity, and stable energy make it become an indispensable key component of the modern electronics industry. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, Heavy copper PCB board will continue to play an important role in promoting the development and innovation of electronic equipment.

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