Immerion Gold for PCB board have more stability and reliability

In the field of electronic PCB manufacturing, the printed circuit board serves as a bridge connecting the electronic components, and its quality and stability are directly related to the performance and reliability of the whole electronic products.The immersion gold as a highly recognized PCB surface treatment, provides higher stability and reliability for PCB production.Great PCB as PCB board fabrication, provide PCB prototype and PCB prototype service. If you want to buy PCB board welcome to find our engineer quote!

1. Overview of Immersion gold (EING)

Immersion Gold known as chemical nickel gold (Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold), is a layer of nickel and phosphorus alloy plated on the surface of copper through a chemical reaction, and then a layer of gold plated on the surface of nickel through a replacement reaction.This process not only makes the surface of the pad excellent, but also forms a protective film on the surface and side, providing more possibilities for the connection of electronic component in PCB making.

2. The characteristics of the Immersion gold

Excellent soldering : the metal layer formed by the gold has good soldering, which makes the PCB fab and assembly welding process more smooth and reduces the risk of poor welding.

Excellent corrosion resistance: the gold layer can effectively block the erosion of oxygen, humidity and chemicals, so as to extend the service life of the pad, improve the stability and reliability of the components.

High flatness: the gold can evenly deposit a layer of nickel and gold on the surface of the disc, making the surface smooth and smooth, providing good conditions for welding.

Good electrical conductivity: both the nickel-phosphate alloy layer and the gold layer have excellent electrical conductivity, which ensure the stable transmission of electronic signals.

3. Application of immersion gold technology

PCB board is widely used in mobile phones, computers and other electronic products. In these areas, the connection quality and stability of the electronic components are crucial to the product performance and user experience. The application of gold makes the electronic products still maintain good stability and reliability in extreme environments, such as high temperature, high humidity or corrosive gas environment.

4. Control points of immerion gold

Although the gold has many advantages, some control points still need to be paid attention to in the actual production process to ensure its quality and stability. For example, the composition and concentration of the coating should be strictly controlled to ensure the uniformity and stability of the chemical reaction. Meanwhile, attention to control the thickness and uniformity of the coating to avoid uneven thickness or coating peeling.

The PCB gold settling process provides higher stability and reliability for electronic products. Through an in-depth understanding of its principles, characteristics and applications, we can make better use of this process to provide strong support for the manufacturing and research and development of electronic products. In the future, with the continuous development and innovation of electronic technology, we believe that the gold sinking process will provide a stronger guarantee for the stability and reliability of electronic products.

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