Materials used for the 3D-printed circuit board?

Materials used for the 3D-printed circuit board

3D printing is based on digital model files, using bindable materials such as powdered metal or plastic to construct objects layer by layer by PCB 3D printer. PCB manufacturers use the JLC PCB 3D printing materials mainly include metal materials, photosensitive resin, engineering plastics, rubber materials, and ceramic materials.

1. ABS plastic

ABS is one of the most common 3D printing materials, generally opaque, milky white, non-toxic, and tasteless, with excellent strength and heat resistance. This plastic suits prototype manufacturing, mechanical parts, and model PCB making.

2. PLA

a starch material prepared as a biodegradable material from renewable plant resources such as corn. PLA has good compatibility, degradability, mechanical properties, and physical properties. PLA is becoming increasingly popular in today’s growing environmental awareness. It is suitable for prototype manufacturing, art, and toys.


PETG has high toughness and transparency. The strength of samples made with such material and force-measuring equipment is about 60% higher than the components made with traditional FDM systems. It is often used in medical devices, automobiles, home appliances, and communications industries.

4. TPU

TPU is a bio-soluble and environmentally friendly material, suitable for producing soles, mobile phone cases, and other soft products.

5. ceramic material

Ceramic materials have high strength, high hardness, high-temperature resistance, low density, good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and other excellent characteristics, in aerospace, automotive, biology and other industries have wide applications 3D printed ceramic products are waterproof and heat resistant (up to 600℃), recyclable, non-toxic, but low in strength and can be used as ideal cookware, tableware, candlesticks, ceramic tiles, vases, artworks, and other home decoration materials.
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