What is the Flexible PCB?

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What is the Flexible PCB?

Flexible PCB is a printed circuit made of flexible insulation substrate.It can bend freely, roll, fold, can withstand millions of times of dynamic bending without damage to the wire, space layout arbitrary arrangement of its position, and in three-dimensional space, so as to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection;Flexible circuit board reduces the volume and weight of electronic products, so that electronic products to high density, miniaturization,high reliability.

At the core of the FPC is a thin layer of flexible films and conductive materials, enabling electrical connection by replacing conventional wires,The electronic components are directly connected to flexible films and thin layers of conductive materials by welding or conductive adhesive.

flexible circuit

Like the rigid PCB, the basic function of the flexible circuit is to establish the electrical connections between the various components. Unlike rigid plates, in flexible circuits, electronic devices, components, and circuits are mounted on a flexible substrate. Polyamides and polyester thin films are commonly used substrate materials in flexible circuit boards.

In general, flexible circuit applications require single-layer circuits. Depending on the application, circuit boards may also be used to print multiple circuits, usually with through holes.

The composition of the flex pcb material
  • Insulating film: The cover layer, as an outer layer, can protect the circuit components on the flexible PCB from mechanical damage, dust or chemicals.
  • Conductor: copper foil is used in the flexible circuit, basically divided into electrolytic copper and calendering copper two kinds. Common in thickness is 1 oz, 1 / 2 oz and 1 / 3 oz
  • Adhesive: for bonding an insulating film to a conductive material and can be used as a protective coating, and covering coating.


Advantages of a flexible PCB
  • High reliability and strong durability:Few connection points reduce the possibility of fault source, mobile and bending up to 500 million times without failure.
  • Less space is required, as long as about 10% of the other components of the ordinary circuit board:Flexible circuit board thickness is thin, often used for the connections with small space and more components. Provide greater freedom of installation and packaging.
  • Cost savings:Reduce material and packaging requirements, and lower parts replacement costs.
Flexible PCB for use

Flexible circuit board is mainly used in the connection parts of electronic products, generally most of the soft board to stick components. For example, mobile phone wiring, LCD module, etc., compared with the hard plate, it is smaller, lighter weight, can achieve bending and bending, three-dimensional three-dimensional assembly and other benefits.

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